• USA 2021, 86 min.
  • Directed by: Drew Xanthopoulos

Two scientists and two different approaches to the communication of humpback whales. Jump into the realm of the largest creatures on Earth.

The film follows two female scientists studying the largest marine mammals in two different locations, Alaska and French Polynesia. While the scientists are researching whale songs, the director is carefully observing the researchers. Work side by side with the scientists on their experiments, evaluate the data, and ponder on what it means for passionate biologist Ellen and ecologist Michelle to spend a substantial part of their lives in isolation surrounded by the ocean. There is no need to exaggerate the grace of the whales, but how to avoid exaggerating our scientific findings?

DIRECTED BY: Drew Xanthopoulos
CAST: Michelle Fournet, Ellen Garland
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Drew Xanthopoulos
MUSIC: Hanan Townshend
EDITING: Robin Schwartz
PRODUCTION: Back Allie Productions, Hidden Candy, Impact Partners, Sandbox Films, Walking Upstream Pictures

Všechna uvedení: Fathom

ČTVRTEK 19. 10.
STŘEDA 18. 10.