What can you look forward to?

Since the Czech University of Life Sciences is the main organiser of the Prague Science Film Fest, it plays its integral part by showcasing a selection of popular science films focused on life sciences.

Besides the international PSFF competition, the Festival visitors surely appreciate the best of popular science filmography from the last two years which could be almost exclusively viewed as part of the online programme of our sister festival, the 56th Academia Film Olomouc. The screens of Prague cinemas Edison Filmhub and Přítomnost, for example, present Emmanuel Cappellini’s debut Once You Know, which was in the making for more than seven years and maps with hindsight the extensive period of the fight against the climate crisis, or the visually captivating The Last Artifact by director Jamie Jacobsen, which deals with far-reaching changes in the definition of the metric system. You can browse the descriptions of all screened films in the catalogue on our website →

The Festival also pays attention to interactive art. It hosts the British visual artist Henry Driver and his video game project Secrets of Soil. In his interactive essay, Driver was inspired by the efforts of his close family members to become carbon-negative farmers. He introduces a visually impressive world hidden under our feet which invites us to contemplate its protection and care.