The North Drift

The North Drift

  • Germany 2022, 92 min
  • Directed by: Steffen Krones

How did a beer bottle made in Germany end up in the unspoiled wilderness beyond the Arctic Circle? Director Steffen Krones decides to follow a piece of plastic waste from continental Europe to the cliffs of the Norwegian Lofoten.

The filmmaker from Dresden and his friends build buoys with GPS locators and observes how Europe’s river network is connected to the ocean. Steffen manages to transform this solo event resulting from the dismay as the European waste is ending up in the farthest corners of the planet into a scientific project involving engineers, oceanographers and the public. Footage of breathtaking Norwegian nature and scenes following the team’s enthusiasm at the buoys' journey alternate with shocking images of plastic colonies occupying previously untouched wilderness.

We would like to thank the One World festival for providing this text.

DIRECTED BY:Steffen Krones
SCREENPLAY: Steffen Krones
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Steffen Krones, Axel Rothe
SOUND: Hans Bauer, Steffen Krones, Axel Rothe
EDITING:Steffen Krones
PRODUCTION: ravir film

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