France, A Journey Through Time

France, A Journey Through Time

  • France, 2021, 87 min.
  • Directed by: Michael Pitiot

What if we looked at French history not in terms of its rulers but from the point of view of the landscape from which it was born? How did Paris look like 45 million years ago? Was the Arc de Triomphe underwater or Champs-Élysées on a hill?

Director Michael Pitiot asks these questions and more in his latest documentary, France, le fabuleux voyage. He takes the viewers to different corners of the country, from the easternmost Brittany or Normandy in the north to the capital. Using drone footage and the latest computer post-production allows for detailed exploration of the originally inhospitable environment to which the French population has been able to adapt over time.

DIRECTED BY: Michael Pitiot
SCREENPLAY: Arnaud Guérin, Clémentine Le Roy, Michael Pitiot
CAST:Phillipe Torreton
CINEMATOGRAPHY:Bruno Cusa, Denis Lagrange
MUSIC: Armand Amar
SOUND: Jérémy Gaucher
EDITING: Stéphane Azouze-Cardin
PRODUCTION: Loïc Bouchet, Thibaut Camurat

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