After Nature

After Nature

  • Denmark, 2022, 65 min.
  • Directed by: Esther Elmholt

We entered the Anthropocene or the “age of humanity”. How has man influenced the environment and biodiversity? How do organisms adapt to this? Can we still reverse these changes?

This Danish film presents five perspectives of experts on ecology, evolution or biodiversity, as well as an artist’s take on the issue. What changes has nature undergone in the past few hundred years? What is the impact of agriculture and urban life on biodiversity and the evolution of animals and plants adapting to this environment? Can we still return the landscape to its former state using modern technologies? Even though answers to some of these questions may be depressing, all is not yet lost.

DIRECTED BY: Esther Elmholt
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Mathias Strømfeldt
MUSIC:Jeppe Wolmer
SOUND:Giulio Conversi
EDITING:Alma Nordenbæk
PRODUCTION:Julie Thaning Mikines

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