The Kukang Movie

The Kukang Movie

  • Česká republika, 2023, 60 min.
  • Directed by: Ondřej Smékal

For several years, a couple of Czechs have been spending most of their time in Sumatra, Indonesia, where they have set up a project to protect the slow loris. The time-lapse documentary focuses on conservation and is a portrait of determination but also of setbacks and friendship.

In the film, zoologists and conservationists fight the illegal wildlife trade and work to protect slow loris, animals that fall victim to their cuteness. Working with local communities and, ironically, the poachers themselves is crucial to the rescue program.

DIRECTED BY: Ondřej Smékal
SCREENPLAY: Ondřej Smékal, Vít Kanyza
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Vít Kanyza, Ondřej Smékal, Aleš Brunclík
MUSIC: Lukáš Lukáš
SOUND: Lukáš Lukáš
EDITING: Tomáš Richtr
PRODUCTION: Kukang Rescue Program

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The Kukang Movie

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