The Future of Food

The Future of Food

  • Netherlands, 2022, 52 min.
  • Directed by: Karsten de Vreugd

Environmentally friendly agriculture vs. Green revolution. Which one will win? Should we take the path of sustainable agriculture or “green revolution” and intensification of food production? Feel-good documentary charts the efforts of proponents of contradictory visions concerning the future of food to find common ground.

Thirty-something Joris and Hidde couldn’t differ more in their view of the future of food production. Their common journey and meetings with farmers show that the issues concerning food production are far from black and white. Will they succeed in their mission?

DIRECTED BY: Karsten de Vreugd
SCREENPLAY: Joris Lohman, Hidde Boersma, Karsten de Vreugd
CAST: Joris Lohman, Hidde Boersma
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Christiaan van Leeuwen
MUSIC: Rene de Vries, Tom Schipper
MUSIC: Max van der Oever
EDITING: Sonja Visser
PRODUCTION: Roy van Kessel

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The Future of Food

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