Jeseníky – The Kingdom of the Mountain Wilderness

Jeseníky – The Kingdom of the Mountain Wilderness

  • Czech Republic 2022, 51 min
  • Directed by: Marián Polák

The Jeseníky Protected Landscape Area is much more than a tourist attraction. It is also an inhospitable environment that requires its inhabitants to adapt. Discover the Jeseníky wilderness!

Survival in the wilderness is anything but simple. Yet, the unique flora and fauna of Jeseníky managed to adapt perfectly to the harsh environment. Its beauty is captured over the four years it took to film this documentary. Jeseníky are not just mountain ranges and forests. It is a diverse region that holds many streams, rock formations, natural transition zones, (sub)alpine heathlands, the Velká kotlina cirque, meadows, and peat bogs. A miniature camera takes us to mysterious places off the beaten track, capturing the local cycle of life.

DIRECTED BY: Marián Polák
CAST:Miroslav Táborský
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Marián Polák, Petr Šaj, Jiří Petr, Jan Barančík
MUSIC:Tomáš Háček
SOUND:Václav Flegl
EDITING:Marián Polák

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